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Minimum order amount: R350 Includes free delivery to Paarl, Wineland Estates, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Durbanville Please note, no returns.  Should any of the products in the photograph not be in stock they will be replaced with a similar cheese. Terms & Conditions   Covid-19 Protocols

  • Wineland Cheese Box™

    Dalewood Fromage offers a weekly selection of cheeses and selected items from our Dairy Range. Included  will be a selection of Brie, Camembert and a mature cheese, as well as a pack of Melba toast and two mini preserves to accompany the cheese. 

    This week we have a Traditional Camembert 250g, Brie with Crushed Olive125g and a portion of our new semi-hard cheese, Simond;  as well as our Full Cream Jersey Feta 400g, Full Cream Stirred Jersey Yoghurt 500ml, and a block of lightly salted hand-made Farm Butter 250g.  Plus a pack of Melba toast (approx. 40 slices) and two mini preserves.

    Thank you for your order & All good wishes for the New Year !

    The Dalewood Team

    [Please note that should any items not be available that they will be substituted with a similar product.]

    R 400

  • Full cream Jersey Milk 1.5 l
    R 25
  • Full Cream Stirred Jersey Yoghurt 1 l Tub
    R 35
    Out of Stock
  • Cream 500 ml
    R 38
  • Buttermilk 500 ml
    R 15
  • Farm Butter 250 g
    R 38
    Out of Stock
  • Full cream Jersey Feta 800 g Tub
    R 85