Just a short drive from Cape Town, amongst vineyards and wineries, you’ll find this pastoral fromagerie. As you drive in, you’ll most likely need to make way for the cows, the jersey herd affectionately called the “golden girls” and all the chickens and roosters, as this is an artisanal farmstead. The cheeses are produced from the ground up with only the milk from these happy cows, making it a genuine estate cheese.

Besides their award winning cheese, the cheesery shop has farm fresh eggs, and all manor of preserves, think port and pomegranate, or green jalapino (divine!!!) to name a few, cheese knives and boards, beautiful dishes to bake cheese in, speciality biscuits and of course the cheese for sale, all perfectly aged and ready to eat. Everything a wine and cheese aficionado could dream of.

I love cheese, I could just live on cheese, give me cheese and I will be satiated and happy. So it is no wonder, I love a visit out to this farm. It’s the perfect stop on your way into Franschhoek whether to take home, or to enjoy on a picnic. A little tip, take a cooler bag along for safe transportation if you do plan on a day out, as it can get very hot and melted cheese would be a shame. Unless of course, you eat straight away, glass in hand, toasting to the good life.